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Created with Honor and Pride

At Magia Coffee, our mission is to celebrate and honor the vibrant spirit of Chicano culture through the art of coffee. We strive to create a unique coffee experience that embodies the rich heritage, resilience, and creativity of the Chicano community. By carefully sourcing the finest beans and blending traditional and innovative flavors, we craft exceptional coffees that serve as a medium to share and preserve the stories, traditions, and values of Chicano culture.
We are committed to fostering inclusivity, supporting local communities, and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs within the Chicano community. With each cup, we invite coffee lovers from all backgrounds to embrace the warmth, passion, and cultural heritage that our coffee represents. Together, let us savor the taste of Chicano pride in every sip.



Elizabeth Calderon Owner of Magia Coffee



Elizabeth Calderon, a US Army Soldier and visionary entrepreneur,  with a deep connection to her latino heritage and a passion for coffee, she has embarked on an inspiring journey to bring her unique blend of culture and flavor to the world of coffee.


A Latina from Orange County, California, Elizabeth has always embraced her identity and sought to honor the rich history and traditions of her community.  Combining her love for her heritage with her appreciation for the art of coffee, she founded Magia Coffee with the intention of creating a truly distinct and authentic experience.


From the very beginning, Elizabeth has been dedicated to sourcing the highest quality coffee beans, meticulously selecting each origin to ensure the finest flavors and aromas. She places a strong emphasis on supporting small-scale coffee farmers within her own Chicano community and beyond, forging partnerships that promote sustainable practices and fair trade.


What truly sets Elizabeth's coffee apart is the infusion of Latino culture into every aspect of the brand. The packaging, the branding, and even the coffee blends themselves are carefully crafted to reflect the vibrant colors, symbolism, and artistic expressions found within Chicano art and culture.

But Elizabeth is not just about creating exceptional coffee. She is deeply committed to uplifting her community and empowering others along the way. Through partnerships and initiatives, she works tirelessly to provide opportunities for other small business owners, supports local artists and grants sponsorships to young athletes and aspiring entrepreneurs.


As you savor a cup of Elizabeth's meticulously crafted coffee, you are not only indulging in a delicious brew, but you are also partaking in a celebration of Chicano culture, resilience, and creativity. It is an invitation to embrace diversity, to honor ancestral traditions, and to support a remarkable entrepreneur.

Elizabeth Calderon US Army Veteran owner of Magia Coffee
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