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From the bottom of my heart GRACIAS for supporting Magia Coffee. My name is Elizabeth Calderon born and raised in Orange, California. I'm an Active Duty Soldier in the U.S. Army with currently 15.5 years of service.


Like many others out there coffee has been my "wake up" juice. I'm known to always have a cup of Cafecito in my hand.  The CHINGONA in me unleashes with that "first sip."

Magia Coffee LLC is a Latina Veteran owned and self funded business.  Magia Coffee came into evolution when the local coffee shops were forced to shut down at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic. I remember going through withdrawals, I thought I was going crazy. I wanted coffee and I wanted it now!  I didn't want just any coffee though. I wanted a coffee I could connect with, coffee that represented my community  and embodied my culture. Fast forward,  about a year later Magia Coffee is ready not just for me but for all of you!

  Anything is possible when you tap into your higher being  and are determined to manifest the shit out of your dreams. Not only your talents but acknowledging those around you and the gifts others have to offer. When we support one another incredible things really do happen. Magia is just that. I've been so blessed to know and work with some pretty amazing talented artists. I hope that I can continue to do so and most importantly inspire my community to utilize their talents and skills to go after their dreams. So pour yourself a cup of Magia Coffee, start creating, celebrate one another and impact those around you and our world!



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